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International specialists

We train professionals from around the world

Since 2004, we have been offering young people from all over the world the opportunity to train as specialists in geriatric care, nursing and at-home care in Germany. Interested? Then contact your respective training provider. They will tell you everything you need to know.

Our Providers

Do you come from Kosovo?

Are you interested in getting trained as an expert in nursing and at-home care in germany? Contact our on-site provider:

Koordinatore e Projekteve dhe Financave
Project and Finance Coordinator


+383 (0) 38 554 155 – 18
+383 (0) 38 554 166
+383 (0) 44 507 628

Rr/Str. Rexhep Krasniqi nr. 59
(Kalabri, përball UBT)
10000 Prishtinë
Republika e Kosovës / Republic of Kosovo


Do you come from Rumania?

Are you interested in getting trained as an expert in nursing and at-home care in germany? Contact our on-site provider:

Asociatia Pro Educatio Christiana

547567 Chinari, str. Principala nr. 162
Jud. Mures, RO
CUI: 35310632

Do you come from Albania?

Are you interested in getting trained as an expert in nursing and at-home care in germany? Contact our on-site provider:


Dorain Kristiqi

0035 569 624 1960

Do you come from Turkey?

Are you interested in getting trained as an expert in nursing and at-home care in germany? Contact our on-site provider:

Nevirye Kayis


Mithatpaşa Cd. No: 44
06420 Çankaya / Ankara

0312 433 87 26

Do you come from Bosnia?

Are you interested in getting trained as an expert in nursing and at-home care in germany? Contact our on-site provider:

Georg Schiel

Labour Migration & Project Management

Rembrandtstraße 27
99099 Erfurt, Germany

Phone BiH: +387/33/869-481
Mobile BiH: +387/63/498-267 (Viber)
Mobile Germany: +49/162/598 5895 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
Skype: georg.schiel

Are you a refugee?

Are you interested in getting trained as an expert in nursing and at-home care in germany? Contact our on-site provider:

Welcome Center

Aleksandra Walter

Vorholzstr. 3
76137 Karlsruhe


Do you come from a different country?

Are you interested in getting trained as an expert in nursing and at-home care in germany? Contact Florije Sula:

Evangelische Altenhilfe St. Georgen gGmbH

Florije Sula

August-Springer-Weg 20
78112 St. Georgen

+49 7724 94270

A give and take straight from the heart is important to us:

For more than 15 years we have been working together with specialists from abroad – as a training company and as an employer. A trusting and respectful cooperation is very important to us. For that reason, we provide our international specialists with a lot of help to gain a foothold with us:

  • Get to know us beforehand: Before you start your training with us, you will complete a non-binding two-week internship at our facility. We will cover the costs for accommodation, meals and even your flight!
  • Affordable accommodations: We provide you with a lovely living space in nice apartments with friendly roommates and affordable rent.
  • Find your way around quickly: At the beginning of your stay, we help our international specialists to quickly find their way in their new surroundings. A mentor will be at your side to personally assist you with official registrations or training and will show you transport connections, cultural activities, infrastructure and everything else that is important to make you feel comfortable.
  • Solid orientation: We implement a special orientation concept for our international specialists in order for you to easily find your way around and to quickly feel at home.
  • Fellowship in faith: As a Protestant elderly care provider, we are a Christian organization and are therefore open to all faiths. Our employees should support the Christian faith within our institutions. But, of course, we make it possible for all our specialists to live their faith freely (as long as this is compatible with our operational procedure).
  • Generosity: We are committed to our international specialists by offering them individual levels of support. Nevertheless, our contracts contain no repayment clauses. Even if you leave us after completing your training or if you leave before your training ends, you do not have to reimburse us.

FAQ – key questions and answers

Do I have to know german?

You should have basic knowledge of the German language (language level B1). You must provide an official certificate for the B1 language examination as part of your application. In order to improve your language skills, we will help you to find suitable language courses or, if required, we will also conduct on-site German language training.

Can i get to know your organization before i start training?

Before training begins, you can partake in a two-week internship.

Where and how do i apply?

Please contact our provider at your location. At the top of this page you will find the contact persons for Kosovo, Romania, Albania, Turkey and Bosnia, as well as for refugees as well as contact persons for interested parties from all other countries.

Will i receive support when entering germany?

Of course, we help our international workers to enter the country. We support you with all entry formalities, with your visa application and with the recognition of your references.

How do i find accommodations?

You do not need to look for accommodations. We provide our international experts with affordable rooms in nearby shared apartments. Rent is less than 300 euros.

How will i find my way around?

We support our trainees in all matters relating to health insurance, opening an account and dealing with the authorities. Until they can do it on their own.

Will i receive support in integrating myself?

You are not alone! Our international workers are personally supported by mentors and practical instructors from day one and throughout the entire training period.

How does orientation work?

We hold a kick-off event For our new trainees. You will get to know your sponsors, receive your orientation folder and relevant information about your training at the Evangelische Altenhilfe St. Georgen.

Will i have a personal mentor?

Each international trainee will have their own personal contact person (mentor) who will accompany you in the future and help you with all your concerns. Our mentors are specially coaches and are supported by the practical instructors in internal training courses.

How will my performance be measured?

Your theoretical and practical performance will be assessed by the teachers and the practical instructors both in your school lessons and in practice. The evaluation corresponds to a performance assessment and helps you – and us – to reflect on your current training situation.

Can i change or cancel my training?

You can terminate your contract within the statutory provisions. It contains no repayment obligations such that you have the freedom to change the place of training or to terminate your training altogether.

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